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Atmashakti Gramin Bigar Sheti Sahakari Patsanstha Ltd Peth, Tal-Walwa, Dist-Sangli

Our Achievements  (31 March 2019)


In the cooperative year, 341 people have become members. 78 Members have resigned. At the end of March 31, 2019, the membership is 8809. The proportion of members increased is 03.07%.

Capital and funds

The authorized shareholding limit of the organization is Rs. 5 Crore and the recovered collection is Rs. 4 Crore 39 Lakhs 31 Thousand. The total funding is 10 crore 21 lakh 7 thousand. Growth is 40.64%.


To maintain fiscal consolidation, the organization has invested Rs. 32 Crore 81 Lakhs in various scheduled funds, co-operative banks and district central banks for different periods. Also, according to the by-laws, the institution exceeded 20% of the total deposits Investments are made according to liquidity guidelines. Growth is 36.33%.

Deposits-90 crores crossed the stage

Deposits at the top are a sign of customer trust. The tradition of growth in deposit collection is very good in the current year. This year, there is huge increase in the amount of Rs 15 crore 95 lakhs, and the list of deposits is 90 crore 32 lakhs. Growth is 21.44%.


The Department has distributed a total of Rs. 70 crore 62 lakhs loan to the members of the report. Audit class "A" has earned. Similarly, this year the aggregate business of 160 crore 94 lakhs has been crossed. The loan growth rate is 20.39%. Similarly, the safe loan amount is 97.09%.

Outstanding and debt recovery

At the end of the year, the government has allocated 70 crores 62 lakhs loans. Of this, only 2 crore 5 lakhs are outstanding and it is 2.91%. This is possible only due to the policy of loan defaulters to the competent borrowers.